The Master’s College opened its new Legacy Room that honors the college’s president, Dr. John MacArthur, and the history of the school. Approximately 500 students, faculty, staff, board members, and supporters of the college gathered for the dedication ceremony and received tours of the new facility.

The Legacy Room will serve as a conference room for board members, an academic resource center, and a gallery of the history of the college since 1927. Museum quality displays showing the history of the college are surrounded by shelves of Christian scholarly books on the first floor of the room. The second floor is dedicated to the work of MacArthur, containing a copy of all of his books, the first printed copy of each, and translations of his study Bible and commentaries.

“This building acts both as a way to introduce people to the legacy of the campus, but it also serves a scholarly resource for students from here and from other colleges,” explained Mark Aydelotte, the Vice President of Advancement for the college. “It’s a multi-media intensive environment. The entire room has been prepared with the latest sound technology and recording technology. It also has some interactive presentations in place.”

“The Master’s College is an international resource for Christian scholarship. We have students from many different countries who come to Santa Clarita to study at The Master’s College. This Legacy Center brings together those students together with some of the very best Christian scholarly materials: books, manuscripts, recordings from the entire history of Christianity. That’s available for people here as well as all the other types of material you would have at a fine college. I think in some ways it’s a sort of a hidden jewel for the people of Santa Clarita.”

Dr. Mark Tatlock, Executive Vice President of The Master’s College, explained how the Legacy Room is part of the college’s work to make a contribution to Placerita Canyon, “We want to compliment the vision the city has to really develop the community and be not only good neighbors, but good partners in it.”

During the dedication, Tatlock and MacArthur revealed expansion plans for the college that would also include the community. The projects include new lighting around the college so Placerita Canyon residents can walk around the school, new building projects on the hill behind the college, and a new entrance from Market Street.

by Hannah Taylor
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